Washington State is Closed

March 14, 2020     admin     Uncategorized

So with the corona virus and all that it brings, WA state is taking some precautionary measures.

All events and gatherings of 250 people or more are banned in the Seattle area.

We had tickets to Seattle Supercross. The event will continue as planned though without spectators and our tickets were refunded.

I was scheduled to attend Seattle UnCon (a writer’s conference)

This has been cancelled.

Schools state-wide both public and private are forced to close their doors March 17th-April 24th. My daughter will be out of school for five weeks. I imagine this will affect when school breaks for summer as well. Day-cares are considering closing. My children do not attend a day care but my niece and nephew do and my cousin works a full-time job. I imagine if the day-cares close like the schools are going to, there will be some begging and pleading on her end since I work from home. I will of-course help out and in the meantime go insane with five children all at once, no way of escape, and a buttload of bookwork to do.

Stores are out of toilet paper, baby wipes, anti-bacterial everything. Even Amazon is out of most of these products. I ordered vitamins and probiotics and hope that my household stays safe and virus free.

I understand the health and medical concerns. They are all valid. That does not mean the situation doesn’t suck.

I also anticipate long term economic ramifications from this. I won’t be surprised if we see another recession. With that said, wash your hands. Limit your travel. Stay safe, and make smart financial decisions. I wouldn’t go drop thousands on anything just yet. The markets are already plummeting and it’s reported that more individuals will go bankrupt due to the virus than die from it.

In other random and un-related news. Magic Born in Fire, Books 1-3 in the Blood in Magic series in a boxset collections is available for pre-order. Why am I doing a 3book boxset of a series that is already out? Because Book 3 audio is complete. Finally. So Burned by Fire will be available in audio format as soon as ACX gets the files reviewed and approved and shortly after that, a collection )Magic Born in Fire) will also be available in audio. I do this because Audio Books are expensive and audible credits are like magic gold tokens. I understand my books are on the shorter side (60,000 words or so) and if you’re an audio listener, I want you to get the appropriate value for your credit.

Stay tuned. More details to come.