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February 9, 2020     admin     Snippet, The Red Hood, Trouble with Wolves

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Shifters and humans don’t mix …
But Red isn’t like any human I’ve met before.
He doesn’t fear shifters, and for some reason he wants to help me forge peace between my Pack and the town.
Our relationship morphs from unlikely allies to … more. And the more I’m around Red, the more I crave him.
But none of that matters when fate steps in, and I find myself leading the Pack.
My Pack will never accept him.
The people of Lethbridge will never accept me.
And a relationship with a human is the last thing I need.

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In silence, Embry and I watched as the others moved to help their fallen friend.
“We have the element of surprise. We could—”
“No.” I cut off his comment. We weren’t savages and attacking the men wouldn’t solve our problems.
“Lindy, you’re being unreasonable.” Embry growled, a deep rumble in his chest that caused the humans to grow still and silent, their eyes now turned in our direction.
Shit. Shit. Shit.
“What was that?” one man called out.
“You all heard that growl, right?”
Several men nodded.
I flicked my gaze left then right, looking for our best means of escape. “Idiot,” I said, but Embry was no longer listening. He crouched low to the ground, his paws digging into the earth as he readied to strike.
“Don’t you dare.”
The humans all turned to one another, aware of our presence and uncertain of what to do. I crouched beside him, my body pressed up against his side. “Don’t do this.” I nudged Embry with my nose, urging him to retreat.
We could disappear deeper into the forest, leave the humans to their bidding. We’d already driven them off their intended course—away from the Den and our vulnerable. There was no need to remain now that the imminent risk had subsided.
The humans approached together, their eyes wary and their weapons raised. Two others shouldered their fallen man and slowly made their retreat.
What to do…
I scanned their numbers. One of the humans carried a bow. He stepped forward, his piercing eyes scanning every inch of his surroundings with cool efficiency. Unlike the other men, he didn’t smell of fear. Darker skinned and with a militant stance, he didn’t have any nervous ticks either. Trepidation flooded through my me. He was an outsider and something told me he was the one we needed to be wary of.
“There are only four of them,” Embry said, following my train of thought.
“That doesn’t matter. We can’t—”
He lunged.
Damn us all to hell—I lunged after him, unwilling to leave him to fight alone.




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