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If you’re signed up for my newsletter then you already read this but in case you missed it, here’s a sneak peak of Hunter Born, book 1 in the upcoming Blood & Bone series, aka James’s series.


This snippet is unedited which is my way of saying there might and probably are typos. No need to call them out. We’ll discover them during edits. Thanks <3


Whoever said Orlando, Florida was a nice place to visit clearly had never been here before. Orlando was fucking miserable. Between the sweltering heat, the overgrown insects, and the excessive reptilian life, I’d seen enough to know that I couldn’t wait to get back to Spokane, Washington.

The sooner, the better.

With my windows rolled down, hot humid air breezed through the interior of my Boss 302 Mustang. It would have been quicker to fly but I wasn’t someone who enjoyed been in a giant tin can thousands of miles in the air. My wolf would lose his shit with that many bodies crammed into such a tight space, so I did the responsible thing and made the nearly three thousand mile trek by car. 

A part of me wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. The other part of me fucking hurt seeing her every day and knew this was a good thing. Space. I needed some fucking space.

So, I forced myself to make what could have been a three day drive turn into five days on the road. I stopped each night in a hotel off the highway and let myself think for once about what I wanted. What I couldn’t have. And how to get the fuck on with my life knowing I’d have to see her every day.

I pulled off at the nearest exit. I was maybe five miles out from the South Atlantic Pack Compound now and before I made an appearance, I needed a shower and probably a shave. 

I rubbed my hand over the five days worth of scruff I was sporting before catching my reflection in my rearview mirror.

I looked like shit. My gray eyes were bloodshot, my usually tan skin was pale, and I looked like I was grieving. Fuck. I couldn’t go see Thorne like this. I needed to be badass. My regular self. Not this pathetic dude staring back at me.

Shifting down into second I released some of the pressure on the gas as I pulled into yet another motel.

This one was clearly a tourist dive. Neon palm trees decorated the front exterior of the building and a large sign with a smiling college aged couple greeted me with the words Tequila Sunrise Motel.

Real classy.

I put my Mustang in park and sat in the lot for several minutes. It was a little after three and I needed to pull myself together. Food, sleep, and a hot shower should help get my head back in the game.

My phone buzzed beside me and I ground my molars together already knowing who it was but unable to stop myself from looking anyway.

Where are you? I miss you.

Aria’s text flashed across my screen. Her words mocking my sanity.


I slammed my fist against my steering wheel. My stomach twisted into a vicious knot and I shoved my phone into my pocket before retrieving my duffel from the front seat and making my way to the Motel’s front door. 

She wasn’t supposed to miss me.

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