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April 14, 2020     admin     Self Publishing, The Red Hood, Trouble with Wolves

Trouble with Wolves is LIVE. Thank you everyone for your patience. This book was a labor of love and it required a hell of a lot of labor.

For those who might not know, Trouble with Wolves was originally titled The Red Hood so if you’ve been looking for that book, look no further.

It was originally co-written with author Tom Shutt who upon completion of a very rough first draft, passed away. We were friends. His death hit me pretty hard and I had a hard time working on this project. I originally thought to release it in chapter by chapter installments on my blog as I worked on edits but that proved too difficult. I wasn’t in a good emotional place at the time because of his death and so I shelved the book and moved on for a while.

Three years later, I dusted off the manuscript and here we are. Trouble with Wolves is not much like The Red Hood at all. I salvaged the opening scene and the characters but the entire story changed. It had to or I would have delivered one book with no sequels because Tom and I were very different writers and it didn’t take long to realize that I just couldn’t recreate his bits. Regardless, I hope the book makes him proud.

When TWW went live, I ran into a few hiccups. TWW is much more romance heavy than my Blood & Magic books and I didn’t do a great job marketing it. When you have a book that toes the line between two genres, you really have to just pick one and direct the book to that camp so when I mean market the book, I’m not saying I advertised it to the wrong group of people. More as, I didn’t target the correct readership with my cover and blurb. The packaging was wrong because I didn’t decide if the book was Urban Fantasy, or if it was Paranormal Romance. While I struggled to figure this out… I made some cover mistakes.

Behold, 3 rejected covers

I really loved my first cover. I spent a lot of time on it and coming to the realization that it just wasn’t going to work was difficult.

Then came cover 2. I was a rush job and it looks it.

Then cover 3. I actually really like this one BUT it’s very PNR and I’ve decided that even though Trouble with Wolves is romance heavy, it is very much Urban Fantasy. How do I know this? Well, when deciding if a book is categorized as romance or not, you ask yourself, “If the romance were removed, can the story stand on its own?” In this case, yes, yes it can. I can take all the romance out and the story would remain the same so, I’m sticking in the Urban Fantasy camp. This led to the need for MORE covers. You guys, by this point, I was exhausted. I was stressed. And I was just done. So I did something I don’t usually do and I hired a designer. He did a beautiful job. The cover is awesome and I really like it but we had a hiccup.

He delivered it late. Like really late. Late enough that I got my head out of a funk and started working on a fourth cover because I didn’t know when to expect the cover from him and around the time I finished my own cover revamp, he delivered the commissioned piece.



So now I have two covers. The commissioned piece is on the left. My design is on the right. I love both of them and wish I could use them both.

With two covers I did the smart thing and decided to test them using Facebook ads to determine which would be more attractive to my readers. You guys! After four days, Facebook determined there was NO winner. The results were 1% away from one another. I’m telling you, every problem I could have with this book, I had. That said, the design on the right is the one that was that 1% better on performance so I went with it.

And finally, Trouble with Wolves is DONE! I updated the blurb as well to make it less romance heavy. And now I can begin plotting book 2, To Claim a Wolf.

For those interested in seeing the over design process, I attached a before and after look below.

I’m really happy with how things finally turned out. It just goes to show that even when you have several already published books under your belt, there is always the opportunity to learn more. I hope home you guys love the story. I can’t wait for you to read it.




What do you get when shifters and humans mix?
Trouble, and lots of it.

I’m the Alpha’s daughter and above all else, it’s my job to keep my people safe. My Pack is being hunted down one-by-one by the humans who both fear and outnumber us.

If I can’t find a solution soon, I’m afraid we might end up in an all out war.

Then Red comes to town, and for once I have a glimmer of hope. He’s someone I think I can reason with. Someone I might be able to trust.

But he has his own agenda. His own secrets. And the cost of trusting the wrong man might be a higher price than I’m willing to pay…

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