Coffee decided to hate me…

March 16, 2020     admin     Random

As I’ve gotten older my body has become particular about what I can and can’t consume.

Most recently, it has decided to reject coffee. I’m not to trilled about this.

Since I work mostly from home, I was averaging 3cups of coffee a day during the work week. Keep in mind 1/2 of that is probably creamer. That said, now that I’m in my 30s, my body gave me the finger in the form of severe heart burn and acid reflux every time I drank coffee. My solution … tea.

A girl’s gotta have her caffeine.

So I started drinking Tazo organic chai tea with almond milk vanilla creamer.

3 cups a day.

Then guess what?


My body gave me the finger again.

No black teas for me.

This has all been very frustrating BUT I’ve found some small solutions.

I can handle cold-brew coffee on a periodic basis. Cold brew is less acidic and while yea at first I overdid it as I did with the tea, I learned a cup every few days when I just need the flavor of coffee is fine. Phew.

Also, white coffee seems to agree with me. Now, depending on where you are, a lot of people are unfamiliar with white coffee. No, it is not a white mocha, or a blonde roast. It is “white” coffee. Here is a great site that gives additional information on what and where white coffee comes from LINK. 

The best things about it is it contains 50% more caffeine than traditionally roasted coffee. It is much less acidic so it can be (for me at least) consumed on an empty stomach with no ill affects. Something else that can be seen as either a positive of negative is that it taste NOTHING like regular coffee. It’s great in mocha’s if you want a hot chocolate caffeinated. It’s great if you want it to taste like vanilla or peppermint or whatever because the flavor is nutty yet so mild that whatever you add to it often overwhelms it. One of my favorites is white chocolate and creme de menthe. It’s like drinking mint chocolate ice cream.

I have never brewed white coffee in a coffee pot. I’ve always made shots of it in an espresso machine so your mileage may vary if you go for it in a Kuerig or coffee put but if you would like to try it, here’s some on Amazon.

I buy mine locally from a coffee shop but honestly, it all taste the same. If you’d like to try what I drink on the regular, it’s called a peach cobbler. It’s made with white coffee, peach flavor, brown sugar cinnamon flavor, and white chocolate. I usually make mine with oat milk and drink it iced with a dash of cinnamon. It’s desert in a cup and it’s pure heaven.

One bit of warning though, it is very easy to go over board on sugar here. That is probably my main issue. I drink drink it as a plain latte. I add ALL the flavors and sugars and crap I should probably avoid so watch your sugar but let me know if you give it a try and what you think!


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