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So updates because there is always a new update but here is what is happening at the moment now that we are in August.

FORGED BY FIRE: I have a new editor! Yay! My previous editor Deb (who I love) had some family things come up so I had to find a new editor for Forged by Fire. Her name is Megan and she is awesome. She previously worked with Kensington  has 10+ years of experience, and is kicking my butt in a good way. I imagine she’ll make Forged by Fire better than even I could have imagined. We’ve got the first 5 chapters fully edited and she’s working on 5-9 as we speak so we’re making progress.

PRINT BOOKS: Right now Cursed by Fire and Kissed by Fire are available in print. Honestly books 1-5 should all be available in print but they’re not and that’s my fault. I’m very sorry. I could make excuses ( I have a lot of them ) but none of them really matter so as soon as Forged by Fire is finished I will wrap up print publications. This is how it will roll out. Forged by Fire will be available in print the week of release. I’m prioritizing this one for obvious reasons. Cursed by Fire’s cover is updated but and I am currently working on updating the interior so that one will likely be out before Forged by Fire is released. I’ll probably also manage to get Kissed by Fire updated with the new cover and new interior as well before Forged comes out and while I sit on my hands and wait for rounds of edits to be returned to me.

Why new interiors you might ask? Because I feel like print books are presents. I’ve received beautifully formatted books before and I want you to have that experience with my books as well. Here is a sneak peak of how Cursed by Fire’s new interior is coming along. Beautiful right!? (Ignore the blue symbols and grid marks. Those wont be there when its actually printed, they’re just there to act as guides. So all that said, ones book 6 is live and books 1 & 2 are updated, I’ll get 3,4, and 5 completed and published. Timeline wise, so long as I get Forged by Fire out in August I should be able to have all 6 books available in print by the end of September.


AUDIO BOOKS: Cursed by Fire and Kissed by Fire are out now in Audio and are available on, iTunes, and Amazon. I’ve had some emails asking about Branded by Fire and I’m working on it but again, priorities. Every time I roll a book out in audio, I have it re-edited. Why? Because audio is very expensive. With ebooks and print books if I need to make a correction its just my time that I’m spending. I go in, modify the manuscript, re-format it and then wallah its done and I update the files on amazon. With audible if I find a mistake I can’t fix it on my own. Some of you who’ve been with me since 2015 when I first started writing might remember when Brock was first a lion shifter and then somehow became a wolf only to then be referenced as a lion again. It was a mistake. Not a typo but a random oversight where my crazy caffeine driven brain forget that the head of Pack security was not a wolf.

To prevent mistakes like that I reread my books with a fine tooth comb before I send them to Nicole for narration and on occasion I send them in for a new round of edits if the book needs to be stronger. I probably won’t have to do that with Burned by Fire. But I probably will need to do that with Branded by Fire and Consumed by Fire because they’re on the shorter side and readers gave me a lot of flack for that. As soon as Forged by Fire is done, I’ll spend 2 weeks reviewing Burned by Fire, send it to Nicole and then we can likely expect it out around October if I’m being entirely realistic. I’m also playing with the idea of getting Forged by Fire into audio first. Again because it’s the newest release and from a marketing and cost perspective, it would be the most financially beneficial and make the most sense. So what will probably happen is I’ll get Burned out, then Forged, and then I’ll get Branded and Consumed. Out of order is annoying but it is probably my smartest option.


WHATS NEXT? That’s the question everyone keeps asking. After Forged by Fire, what comes next? Many people are assuming it will be Hunter Born – the James Shields spin off. I’m sorry to say that is not the case and here is why. If I jump right to Hunter Born, it will likely be around six months before it releases leaving a nice big gap between publications. Previously I wrote a book with Tom Shutt. He was an author pal of mine and we decided to give co-writing a try. Well … he died before we ever published it. It was heartbreaking and left me gutted for quit some time so I shelved the project we’d been working on. It was honestly just to painful to write it anymore.

It’s been a few years now since his death and I decided to dust off the manuscript. I can’t continue the project as it was originally intended. My voice is not the same as his so I wouldn’t be able to write the sequels with much success given that he wrote our hero and I’d been responsible for writing our heroine. Because of that, I’m having to rewrite the entire book in my voice and while I do that I’m reworking it to fit into the Blood and Magic world. This will be a 3+book series set within the Blood & Magic world. Previously the books were titled The Red Hood, Hounds Betrayal, White Wolf’s War. Those will likely change. To differentiate it the series will be known as the Blood & Bone series but as I mentioned, it will be the same as the Blood & Magic world though events will take place in Canada not the U.S.

It is much easier and quicker to re-edit a book that to write a complete new one so with any luck, book 1 will be out around Halloween and then Hunter Born will be out after that around 6 months after Forged by Fire is released. My goal is to release a book every 3 months moving forward. Schedule wise expect to see Forged by Fire in August, Blood & Bone book 1 late October (because it’s horrible for sales to release a book in Nov or Dec) and then Hunter Born around Feb/Mar.


I have ALOT of books planned and a lot of covers waiting for their stories. Below are tentative titles and series to keep an eye out for after Blood & Magic (in no particular order)

Blood & Bone (Urban Fantasy)

Book 1 – coming Oct 2019

Book 2

Book 3


Bone & Ash (Paranormal)

Hunter Born – coming Feb/Mar 2020

Alpha Forged


Daughters of Apocalypse (Paranormal Romance / Dystopian)

Bound by Conquest

Seduced by War

Taken by Famine

Captured by Death


Level Ten (Game Lit/ Dystopian)

Level 10 (short story published in the Game On: Gamelit Anthology 2019)

Gods of our own Making

When the Gods fall



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