In case you didn’t know,

December 2, 2019     admin     Uncategorized

I have a rad facebook group. It’s a place I like to hangout, share snippets, chat books, and share random, humorous, or book worm related memes.

Previously, it was called Danielle Annett’s Crew.

Clearly, my creative juices were NOT flowing when I came up with that name.

But thanks to the super awesome Amanda Curley, we have a new name and I’d like to welcome you to … drum roll please …



Way cooler, am I right! So if you’re not a member already, be sure to join. We only have three rules you need to be aware of.

First rule of the Snark Squad: Sass, Humor, and Caffeine are required.

Second Rule of the Snark Squad: What happens in the Snark Squad, stays in the Snark Squad.

Third rule of the Snark Squad: Drive-by promo will turn you from friend to foe in an instant and have you ejected from this band of rebels.

That about sums it up. I hope I see you there!


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