Cursed by Fire is available in AUDIO!

May 9, 2018     Danielle Annett     Uncategorized

This image made me fall in love because how awesome is it that Aria is listening to herself?!

I was pretty excited when I found my model with headphones.

I know I’ve talked about this for a while now and its been a long process but Cursed by Fire is finally available in audio! I’m a huge fan of Nicole Poole, my narrator. She’s an award-winning narrator and she happens to be the narrator behind the Crossbreed series by Dannika Dark, and also behind the Fire & Ice Trilogy by K.F. Brenne.

I had the amazing pleasure of commissioning her for my series. I’m actually her first author outside of a publisher so we had a lot of “fun” navigating the audiobook process but it was so well worth it. Nicole really brings the series to life! If you’re an audiobook buff, you’re going to love her voice. And her guy voices are spot on! She actually sounds like a guy when she speaks the male voices which helps immerse you in the story that much more.

You can listen to a sample on Amazon and if you’re new to audiobooks, visit AUDIBLE to sign up for a free trial and listen to Cursed by Fire for free!
And if you know you already want the book. You can use the links below to grab your copy.
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  1. Alyssa

    Spelling mistake on kindle version. Page 2449 of 3334. Use of the word ‘gate’ instead of ‘gait’.

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