Teaser: Consumed by Fire

June 7, 2018     admin     Consumed by Fire, Snippet

***Read at your own Risk ONLY if you’ve finished Cursed, Kissed, Burned, AND Branded!!!***


The Compound was quiet as Declan and I strolled down the hallway leading to the Compound front doors. We were almost there. Only a few more yards and we would make it with no one the wiser.

Declan winked and offered me a wicked grin before dashing forward.

Oh no you don’t!

I bolted after him, careful to keep my steps light and keep my boots from thudding on the hard stone floor.

Declan reached the door only seconds before me. He jerked the door open and turned toward me. Dawns early morning rays streamed in behind him.

I came to a hard stop.

Declan frowned and I could see the question stamped across his face but I didn’t meet his gaze. Instead, My eyes were glued to the two women standing directly behind him in the now open doorway.

“Ms. Fields?” I took a single step forward and Declan turned back toward the door before stepping aside.

A growl rumbled in his chest. “How did you get on Pack lands?”

Olivia Fields didn’t bother answering. Instead she pushed her way inside the Compound.

Her floor length skirt billowed around her and her chunky bangles clanked loud enough to wake the dead.

I cringed and chanced a glance down the hall to see if anyone heard it and would come running. I really hoped they didn’t.

Declan and I desperately needed the alone time and Olivia was crashing it.

Her daughter Marcella trailed in behind her. She offered me a wave with a worried expression and then stepped behind her mother.

“What did you do?” Olivia folded her arms across her chest and glowered at me.

I had the sudden urge to hunch my shoulders and hide from her piercing stare. Maybe Marcella had the right idea.

I held my hands up. “Hey, I didn’t do anything.” Atleast, nothing that could get me in trouble with the witches.
It’d been several weeks since I’d last seen Olivia Fields—spokesman to the Evergreen Witches. In that time I’d faced off with the HAC, side stepped her daughters prophecy that I would destroy the city, accepted the mate bond between myself and Declan, and finally settled down into a comfortable life within the Compound. I worked. I kept my head down. I was on my best behavior. Really!

Aside from realizing that I’d almost killed Inarus’ sister during the battle that took place outside Sanborn Place last week, I’d done nothing that anyone could be mad at me for. Hell, Inarus wasn’t even mad that I’d nearly Dia and he had a right to be.

I mean, she was his sister. Estranged and kindof crazy but blood was blood.

Oliva’s hands flew to her hips and unable to help myself, I took a step back. “Oh really? If you’ve done nothing, then why are Marcella’s visions getting worse? The sense of foreboding is almost overwhelming her!”

Declan tiled his head to the side and studied the child.
She cowered under his scrutinity.

I smacked him on the arm. “Stop that. You’re scaring her.”

Declan turned and glared at me.

I glared back.

And then he leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips. I startled, and then smiled before I could stop myself.


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