Teaser: Branded by Fire

December 7, 2016 Snippet 2

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Also, I know I’ve been MIA lately, it happens unfortunately because there are never enough hours in the day. That said, here is a teaser from Branded by Fire! I hope you enjoy.

Panic swelled in my chest. My heart raced. I opened and closed my fists, fighting back the panic that threatened to consume me.

“Aria—“ My eyes darted to Declan. His face was set in a grim mask. He was worried. Well shit, if he was worried then I was screwed. A lump formed in my throat at the sight of him. He shouldn’t be here.

“Aria, he’s coming. We’ll figure this out.” I chewed my bottom lip between my teeth and silently cursed my mother. This was her fault. All of it.

“You should go,” I said.

Declan stepped closer to me and I had to fight the urge not to back away from him. It wasn’t safe. I wasn’t safe. It didn’t matter that he was bigger or stronger than me. I could hurt him.

The idea sent a spear of dread into my chest. What if I hurt him? What if I lost control?

Fuck. Who was I kidding. I already had lost control. I quickly scanned the room. He’d been smart in removing all of the furniture. My room was empty but for a blanket and a stack of pillows but none of the items were resting on the floor as they should be. They floated in the air as if they had a mind of their own and I couldn’t do a damn thing to get them to sink to the floor.

“Breath. It’s going to be alright.”

“You don’t know that!” I shouted. Shit. Fuck. I hadn’t mean to yell at him. The pillows and blanket went flying through the air, colliding with Declan. 

“Dammit. I’m sorry. I—“

“It’s okay.” Declan grabbed at the blanket and shoved it under his arm while ripping the pillows out of the air. I turned away from him. “Hey, they’re only pillows. It’s okay.”

“What if they had been more than pillows?” I asked. My voice shook and moisture suddenly pooled in the corners of my eyes.

“Aria, you need to stay calm. You need to breath.” He placed his hands on my shoulders. I flinched. I know he meant for the touch to be comforting but all it did was make me feel even more trapped. He gently turned me back to face him, his hand coming up under my jaw to force me to meet his gaze. 

“Breath,” he said. Taking a deep breath of his own with exaggerated motions. I rolled my eyes.

“Breath,” he said again. 

I took a deep breath through my nose, exhaling through my mouth.

“Good, again.” I did as instructed and felt my body slowly start to relax.

The door opened and Inarus walked in. Something inside of me relaxed. He flicked Declan a quick glance before his gaze settled on me. He didn’t look the least bit worried.


2 Responses to “Teaser: Branded by Fire”

  1. Fleur Morris

    Hi really enjoy the characters, and the story! Find Aria’ s reluctance to open up to Declan frustrating unless she is not going to end up with him. I struggle with her lack of emotional growth, bless her she seems to be on a continual emotional loop of opening up and pushing away without really sound reasons to do so as far as I can tell.

    Aria seems to be someone who keeps having stuff done to her rather than leading and being the heroine. It’s hard to be the heroine when you have to keep getting rescued after your umpteenth blackout (her poor brain!!) Case in point rescuing the 11 year old witch (yay)and less than 20 minutes later nearly being captured and being so I hired she passed out (again).

    I don’t buy books since I have Kindle Unlimited so please take this as a compliment to your writing capability that I bought 2 & 3 (1 was part of the fated and forbidden box set).I know this is your baby, and I am keen to see how it grows and develops, I just wanted to let you know as a fan that the increasing frustration may jeopardise my desire to complete the rest of the journal with you and your wonderfully written characters.

    I mean no harm in my feedback and was gutted to see you didn’t have more books out. Your talent and skill is rock solid and I’m delighted to have discovered you. I read your books in 2 days because I was do taken with the story. Looking forward to Aria hopefully getting a grip on herself and starting to realise that people will care for and help her and if she’s smart she won’t have to keep doing everything the absolute most difficult and avoidable way possible. She knows the benefit of allies, I just hope she realises their benefit to her as well.

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