Kissed by Fire is killing me

March 1, 2018     admin     Kissed by Fire, Snippet

I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting for Kissed by Fire.

I’m sorry.

Edits on this book are killing me. I’m cutting words left and right and then find myself adding several thousand words later.

One step forward two steps back.

That said, please accept this teeny tiny snippet in thanks for your patience.


My heart skipped a beat when a wide, feral smile suddenly spread across his face.

“What are you smiling about? I asked warily.

“You’re kind of cute when you’re angry.”

He did not just call me cute. I put my hands on my hips and rocked back on my heels.

“Oh really? Well, I’m about to be fucking gorgeous here in two seconds.”


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  1. Jo

    I’m way behind on this story. Just trying to find my place and when I found this snippet I laughed so hard!

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