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June 19, 2019     admin     Random, Self Publishing

I’ve decided to hire a virtual assistant. If this is something you’d be interested in, details of what I’m after can be found below.

*Virtual Assistant Position*

  • Able to commit 1-5hrs per week
  • Familiar with social media platforms (instagram, twitter, and facebook)
  • Familiar with my books. If you haven’t read the Blood & Magic series and enjoyed it, please don’t apply.
  • Responds to emails within 24hrs

General job functions

  • Assist in managing instagram, facebook page, and reader group.
  • Help with newsletters
  • Coordinate blog tours/ instagram book tours for new releases
  • Compile book sales data (yay excel spreadsheets)
  • Beta read or proofread books and blog posts on occasion.
  • Track and forward reviews
  • Pull snippets and teasers for media kits and teaser graphics

These are just some of what you’d be doing. But pretty much all things bookish. Ideally I would like to hire someone comfortable in the blogger sphere. This isn’t a requirement but if you’re familiar with book blogging/ blog tours it would save me a lot of training time. Either that or someone very comfortable on social media with a large following. Why a large following? Because it shows me that you know how to grow.

Whoever I hire needs to be professional and cordial. People can be assholes online and I expect you never to stoop to their level even in defense of me. Now, this job is not all sunshine and rainbows. I’m a type A personality and I have very high expectations. If I give you a simple task and it takes you a week to accomplish it, I’ll probably fire you.

For full transparency, I’ve had 3 VA’s in the past 4yrs. None of them worked out beyond 3months. I want someone who can do things as good if not better than I can. It doesn’t make sense to hire someone to alleviate my workload if I have to continue to fix their work. If you’re on time and do a good job, it will work out.

If you think this is the job for you, email me a resume to

If you have experience as a book reviewer on goodreads or are a blogger, mention it.

If you have experience in photoshop, mention it.

If you’ve made cool teaser graphics or instagram images, add them to your email for reference.

Your resume for this position should not look like a typical resume. I’m most interested in your book, social media, and promotional experiences. Feel free to also list trainings and resources you’re familiar with. If you’ve read Newsletter Ninja by Tammi Labrecque, that is worth mentioning. If you’ve taking a book related course or are a member of RWA, that is also worth mentioning. If you are active in your library and participate in a bookclub, mention it. If you go to Book Cons and reader events, again, worth mentioning. The more invested you are in the book world, the better.

Understand that I will likely receive a lot of applications. I will only respond to those I’m interested in pursuing. If you don’t hear from me within 4 weeks, assume I hired someone else.

This position starts at $13/hr with raises based on performance.


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