Only 40 Days left to go

August 20, 2016     admin     Random

Young lovers during the honeymoon

I am so incredibly excited. Burned by Fire launches in just 40days! Its going through its last round of edits with Thomas, who is amazing btw. I use a few editors on each book and Thomas remains my constant. That said, eARCs should be ready by the 1st of September if not sooner. If you’re interested in reviewing Burned by Fire, send an email to coffeeandcharacters (at) gmail (dot) com

Just a warning, a limited number of copies are going out and in order to receive one, you must have read and reviewed the first two books in the series. The reviewer request format for your email is below.


Your Name:

Where you post your reviews:

Are you willing/able to post your review on retailer websites on the date of release, September 30th, 2016?

Link to Review of CbF:

Link to Review of KbF:


Note: Those who include multiple links ie: Amazon, BN, Kobo, ect, will get preference. Your reviews do not need to be half a page long. Something short and sweet is just fine too.

Also, if you still haven’t started the series, you can pick up Cursed by Fire, book 1, HERE for $0.99


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