It’s all about Doubt

September 14, 2014     admin     Random


The one thing writers are never short on is self-doubt. We have all of these ideas in our heads and we put pen to paper, or in my case fingers to keypad, and we write. We write a scene or two or twenty and have a moment of wonder when we’re all all, “OMG that was amazing.” We jump for joy, pat ourselves on the back, and sit back to review our masterpiece.

Then, reality hits. We see all of the grammatical mistakes we made. We realize we’re struggling with showing verses telling, we wonder if our readers will understand our sense of humor. Doubt sets in. The scenes we just wrote now taught us with manic smiles that tell us we’re doomed. DOOMED. That our book will be a flop, no one will buy it. We’ll be mocked by reviewers and our books will be burned.

At this point we hide. Burry ourselves in a good book. You know, one by a NYT bestseller that has been published by one of the top 5 and inside we die a little and think, My book will never be this good.

Well, this is what I have to say to doubt, “SCREW YOU.” My book will be good. People won’t burn it. I’ll get some pretty rad reviews, and my scene kicks ass.


We all struggle with doubt. The important thing is what you do next. I have decided to rant about my doubt in a blog post. As soon as I hit publish on my little wordpress button, I’m going to buckle down, review my scenes, make some tweaks, and move on to the next. I believe in my writing and doubt can shove it! I also just looked at my book cover again and it made me feel better. Why? Because Regina is a genius and thanks to her, my cover is BEAUTIFUL *All Smiles Here*

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