Is it Friday yet?

February 21, 2018     admin     Random

Our house is sick.

I need it to be Friday already so I can sleep in.

Striker (the 2yr old) has a cold so he hasn’t been sleeping, has been overly needy, and has been an absolute monster to his sister.

Savanah (the 7yr old) is not sick but has been faking symptoms to gain sympathy and attention like Striker. When this doesn’t work, she has an emotional meltdown. A meltdown that mind you, I do not have the energy for.

I am also sick so my tolerance threshold is thin and my husband has also caught a cold and is useless. Why are men (sorry to any male readers but really?!) why are men useless when they are sick? My husband knows he’s a big ole baby when he’s under the weather but I swear I’m going to boot him from the bed soon.

Infection day 1: I slept on the floor in my son’s room holding his hand between the crib bars so he could sleep.

Infection day 2: I said screw it, I NEED TO SLEEP, and put him in bed with us. Of course no one really slept but at least I was somewhat comfortable.

Infection day 3: Up 4 times throughout the night trying to rock and cuddle Striker so he could sleep.

I’m dying here! Send coffee. Lots and Lots of coffee lol


In other news. Cursed by Fire will be available in Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

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