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June 30, 2019     admin     Random, Snippet

This has been a stressful last few weeks. We have a newish baby—Baby Steel is 2months old now—and my husbands work is getting pretty insane. Not long ago we realized that his work schedule was not going to work for our marriage. We were like ships passing in the night. I would be gone for the usual 8-4p shift and he worked swings and was gone 3-11p. We never saw one another and we’d been doing this for almost eight years. It was slowly ruining us.

To remedy the issue he took a new job. It was a pay cut but better hours and we didn’t need him to make as much money so it was a win, win. Only after less than six months he realized he hated the job so he started looking again. In comes his current job. Originally it was supposed to be 6a-3p. This was perfect. He’d be home in time to pick up our daughter and we’d have evenings together.

We were told the company was getting ready to ramp up and to expect working some weekends in the future but that it would be short term. That was fine by me.

Well they REALLY ramped up. He’s been working SIX-ten hour shifts each week. Monday though Saturday 6a-5p, sometimes he doesn’t get home until 7 or 8 is a project ran late. Now he loves this job so that’s a plus but now, I never see him and I’m not working outside of author life. For those curious, during the school year I work for a Yearbook Publisher. I work school teacher hours, get all of the holidays and breaks off, and they pay me a large sum of money to do it where I get to set my own schedule so it’s a great gig that gives me plenty of time to write.

It’s summer so that means no work because there is no school and I still never see him. He comes home around 5:30, we eat dinner, he showers, and then off to bed because he needs to be up by 4:45am

I’m dying. And the few moments when he does have time he pays attention to this damn bird. This is Oakley. Oakley is a green cheek conure that I maybe sorta kinda like but right now he’s hogging all of my attention. Also he’s been a jerk and is going through a biting phase. Hopefully it is just a phase. But because of that, he’s on my shit list.

I bought the damn thing for my husband for father’s day so it’s my own fault though I suppose I’m glad he loves the darn thing. But here I am running on empty too because I have a newborn and two other kiddos to take care of and no help because he’s working so much that I have to bribe him to give me thirty minutes for a shower every other night. It’s killing me but such is life.

I keep telling myself either his work will slow down or the baby will be older thus easier. My exhausted makeup-less thirty year old self needs a light at the end of the tunnel. This is me feeding the baby a bottle of breastmilk because my boobs frequently feel like they are going to explode. Steel is my third baby. I love him dearly and wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world but let me tell you, it was so much easier at 21 with my first kiddo in comparison to now at 30.

But I’m assuming you probably popped in for a snippet. Here you go…



“I’ll be fine. I’ll either talk sense into him or I won’t.” I shrugged my shoulders. “If he wants to be a child that’s his perogotive. He can heal the good old fashioned way and his body will wake up when it’s ready if he doesn’t want to give me the last anchor.”

A smile curved Declan’s lips. Yeah, I’d figured he’d prefer that.

“Alright then.” He leaned forward briefly but then pulled back as if remembering suddenly that we weren’t alone.

Disappointment radiated through me. Declan had never been one to shy away from public displays of affection in front of the Pack but Dia wasn’t Pack.


I nodded. “Lunch.”

“It’s a date then.” He sank so much innuendo into that one sentence that heat was quickly rushing toward my cheeks.

Calm down, I told myself. It’s just lunch.

“It’s a date,” I agreed.


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