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Branded by Fire is LIVE! I’m so excited to see what everyone thinks about the 4th installment in the Blood & Magic series. Below is an excerpt. You can also check out my interview with USA Today HERE if you’re interested and go HERE for a giveaway at The Voluptuous Book Diva.

“Aria you’re being unreasonable.” He took a step forward and reached out for me. I side-stepped away and then put a hand to my forehead when the room began spinning.

“Unreasonable?” I ground it. “You asked men within the Pack to court me. You wanted to tie me to the Pack so you could use me.” I was practically yelling at him now. Maybe I wasn’t too tired to fight with him after all.

“That was before…” he trailed off.

“Right,” I scoffed. “Before you bit me and tied me to you. Before you decided this little mate bond between us somehow made me your soul mate. Now you care about me as a person, is that it? But before I was just a tool for you to use and somehow I should be okay with it? I should be flattered that Declan Valkenaar, Alpha to the Pacific Northwest Pack has picked me to be his mate? Is that what you’re telling me?”

I blinked hard as tears threatened to spill. Dammit, why did he have such an effect on me? I rubbed the ache in my chest and turned away from him.

He didn’t say anything for several long minutes. I climbed into my bed and tucked myself under the covers as silent tears spilled down my cheeks.

The mattress dipped and Declan slid his body into the bed beside me. “Get out,” I choked out.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled my back flush against his chest.

“I’m a bastard.”

“I know.”

“And I don’t deserve you.”

“Glad you’re finally realizing that.”

I swiped at the tears on my cheeks and tried to pull away from him but his grip was iron tight.

“But I love you.”

I sucked in a breath. He, what?

I froze, suddenly unable to form any coherent thoughts or words.

He didn’t say anything else, just settled in beside me with his arm wrapped tightly around my body and his legs now tangled with mine. I listened as his breathing slowly evened out and realized the exact moment when he fell asleep.

Declan told me he loved me. The bond that connected us flared to life at his words and I realized, I believed him.

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