Kissed by Fire – Behind the Scenes Cover Design

February 25, 2018     admin     Cover Designs, Kissed by Fire

I love designing. I’ve actually worked as a freelance designer for several years so it’s been really therapeutic for me to get into my books and get my mind into the right headspace by doing my own covers. For those interested in seeing how it all came together, I thought I’d show you a little before and after.

These are the three main photos I used on the Kissed by Fire cover. Then thanks to the power of photoshop I was able to add color and some added effects for a more fantasy feel.

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  1. Hey Danielle — I’d be pretty educational for those of us who aspire to do our own covers to see how you went about doing it — maybe a little tutorial? I know you have your workshop you do, but even just a quickie would be beneficial!

  2. admin

    It’s hard to do quickies because I don’t know how to do simple lol
    This cover, in particular, took several hours spread over several weeks since I kept coming back and tweaking

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